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Stainless steel PockeTweez tweezers are portable and a great Gift for accurate pain-free splinter, sliver and thorn removal with it's unique combination of precision tips and gripping power. The tips are sharp enough to grab wood, metal or carbon fiber slivers and thorns that are embedded. PockeTweez is made of durable Stainless steel, instead of silver.

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"M y son had a sliver in the bottom of his foot for several days that was really bugging him. I let him use the PockeTweez Tweezers Christmas gift I had already wrapped for my brother.  He was gone for a minute and came back with the "field tested" gift, the removed splinter, and a smile of relief." - Mark F.

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 Check out the PockeTweez in action in this 40 second video of a MONSTER SLIVER EXTRACTION.


HOW TO: Remove a Sliver

From eHOW

Slivers can be quite painful. Left to fester, a wound from a sliver leads to infection. Silvers should be removed immediately.

Exposed Slivers and Splinters:
1) Wash your hands, the area around the splinter and your PockeTweez tweezers thoroughly with soap and hot water.
2) Remove the sliver with PockeTweez. To keep pieces from breaking off under the skin, pull out from the same angle it went in.

Embedded Slivers, Splinters and Thorns:
1) Wash your hands, the area around the splinter and your PockeTweez tweezers with soap and hot water.
2) Lay the tips of your tweezers across the skin, just below the deepest end of the splinter. The two should create 'T' shape.
3) Press down on the tweezers and slowly run it upward. The pressure beneath the sliver and upward motion should begin gradually coaxing it out of the skin. Have patience, this may take several tries. Once enough of it is exposed, remove the splinter with your PockeTweez.

No luck? You may have to use the sharp points of the PockeTweez to follow the sliver or splinter down the track that it entered the skin. When you reach it, grab it and pull it out.

Wash the area thoroughly with soap and water, and apply an adhesive bandage to keep the wound clean. If the problem is more than a few layers deep, see a doctor.

Note: A pointed set of sliver tweezers will be less likely to cause more damage to the wound than a needle or knife.  

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